Week 25 Highlights

Week 25 Highlights

This week was a bit crazy. We had some crazy stuff happening at home, I was gone extra for Easter choir rehearsals…just not “normal.”

Sunday night, it was NUTS. We had a storm which knocked off the whirlybird/attic fan off our house. That meant water coming into the attic. Which somehow set off all of our fire alarms. At 10:30 at night.

Somehow, Remi slept through 5 smoke alarms going off. (Actually, some research has shown that kids sleep through these often. So if you have a fire, head straight to your kiddos because they may be asleep).

The red light on the monitor is the noise level, but she’s passed out.

We went to the park and this big girl got to swing for the first time. She LOVED it. I can’t wait for nice weather all the time to spend lots of evenings at the park.

She was the cutest little bunny at church on Sunday. 

Saturday (I know, these are out of order, but I’m not spending the time to make it in chronological order) we had a family event – an anniversary party for a cousin. LOTS of family was there.  Uncle Dwight kept her happy during the speeches.

And then she got passed around to everyone. She did SO WELL with all the people and noise.

She also is LOVING her Mum Mum crackers. She takes to food great, and these are fantastic for occupying her while I eat or clean. 

She is also LOVING sitting up. Her playnest is a great spot for her to safely wiggle around.

She slept LIKE A LOG during a LOUD choir practice. The huge Easter choir, orchestra and narrator were SO LOUD. She didn’t care.

And Beat Belle is a favorite for sitting practice. She loves the lights and music.

Anyway, she’s been quite the busy little bee! Learning and growing every day!

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