Week 28 Highlights

Week 28 Highlights

This week was monumental- Remi started daycare!

But she adapted so quickly and has been loving it. Here are some of the highlights!

Hanson Day is in a month, so we celebrated with Remi wearing her Hanson onesie to daycare.

Her teachers send me pics, and I love how happy she is there!

Eating is going GREAT. She has loved everything we’ve given her. She does prefer to feed herself, which is messy, but I know we are fostering independence and skills. We can handle a little mess.

We had our first cookout of the year. We brought the activity seat outside for Remi to play while we cooked out and ate. She loved it. And she loved her fun new pineapple hat. 

So that was our fun week! We are so blessed to have such a happy, easy baby!

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