Week 45 Highlights

Week 45 Highlights

Oh baby girl. You weren’t 100% yourself this week. An ear infection creeped in and while you tried to be happy (and thank goodness still slept well!) you just weren’t as interested in fun as usual.

Case in point: Friday evening at the park. We walked a mile with you in the stroller and tried swinging together. You weren’t feeling it.

You did still enjoy plenty of daddy tickles, though!

Some snot-nosed bedtime snuggles with mama.

And for those new incoming teeth, a popsicle (not opened, just frozen).  She loved the cold!

Loving bath time, as always! Look at all that hair!

Sunday we went to Hot Springs to watch cousin Luke be baptized. She looked adorable.

At the doctors office, she was a total gem. We had to wait 40 minutes, but we just sang songs and played together. So sweet- even if the final result was another ear infection.

She passed out at uncle Neil’s house in Hot Springs, and she squirmed her way into the bottom of the couch during a nap.

Flamingos! Gotta wear our summer clothes while it’s still summer!

I had a hat day at work, and she just looked adorable…so we took some pics before school. 🙂 LOVE my girl!

And that week’s a wrap! On to more fun! (Also, the higher these weeks creep, I know we are getting close to 52! Eeek!)

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