Week 49 Highlights

Week 49 Highlights

Officially 11 months old this week! And just the busiest bug ever!

I came home from Cleveland to a big girl who could stand for like 10-15 seconds without assistance. That balance is coming in strong. (She is also OBSESSED with her hair brush.)

Daddy now has to share all popsicles.  He gave her a taste and now she follows him around when he has one! ha!

She wore her first Razorback outfit for game day. Too bad we lost, but we had the cutest little fan.

We did some shopping and running around on Saturday, and when we got home, she was sleepy. I love my snuggles!

Sunday, she wore a summer outfit that we are just now fitting into. Gotta get them in before fall hits! ha!  She looked like she was throwing a gang sign.  Too funny.

She LOVES her walker. Daddy helps her turn and she goes ALL OVER the house. And giggles when daddy chases her! SO much laughter. She loves being chased now. She will crawl away, but keep looking back to see if we are following her. Then she laughs SO BIG.

This girl is ALWAYS moving.

She is proud of herself when she gets into things she shouldn’t. We have a mischievous thing on our hands.

A fun week together for sure!

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