Week 5 Highlights

Week 5 Highlights

This was a fun week. She’s more alert and starting to respond back to us.

We made it to the polls on Election Day. Everyone loved her sweet shirt! 

We made a trip to Hot Springs to see family and Remi got to meet Uncle Neil! He loved getting to hold her! 

She wore her pumpkin shirt! 

On Saturday, we both got ready (thank you, swing for occupying my baby so I can do my makeup and hair!) and went shopping. A friend owns a local boutique and she was wanting to meet Remi- so we went to shop and visit. Then we got Mexican food after! A great morning!


She’s LOVING bath time. She just chills and sinks into the water. Love it!img_0737

She wore her first Razorback outfit for the Hogs vs.  Gators game. We won! I’m attributing the win to the cutest little fan!img_0730-1

Daylight savings happened. And while we gained an hour, this little girl can’t read the clock. We were all a bit tired the next morning but thankfully got back on schedule a day or two later.img_0767

Grandpa was in the hospital and was MISSING his girl. He came over to visit while I went to a wedding shower. He held her for like 4 hours while she slept! img_0760

I got out a book that I’ve had for a while. I sang the “I am a promise” song when I was a little girl and it was special to read the book and sing the song with Remi!img_0742-1

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