Week 50 Highlights

Week 50 Highlights

Most of this week included our beach trip, which will be a separate post…but here are a few fun things.

Remi is LOVING the sliding glass door at home.  She can stand up (and leave tiny handprints which I love) and see outside. She loves when the cows are nearby.


She did really well on the trip to the beach. Girl’s a trooper.  I can’t wait to see more of her personality as she grows. I think she’s gonna be an eternal optimist. She seems already to make the most of the situation. She did take some naps on the way down, and momma got some time to just study this sweet face.

Sister showed her personality all over our beach trip. More highlights in the beach post, but here are some funny Remi pics.

She was full of it when we arrived for dinner. She also discovered crackers for the first time at this meal. She’s a fan.

She also got to eat a cookie while momma and the family ate ice cream. Also a fan. (She has to learn early that vacation means eating more “sometimes” foods than normal)

We walked to get donuts one morning while Ty and Nancy went fishing. She got a little sweaty on the walk, but she loved their blueberry donuts! (She only eats half a donut. I don’t feel bad about it. Judge me if you want). This was her face when I said “That’s all of the donut you get. Enjoy!” ha!

We had lunch outside at The Gulf and she loved watching the birds. I just loved this crabby outfit!

Check later this week for our beach recap!

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