Week 51 Highlights

Week 51 Highlights

Holy cow. We are in the home stretch of her first year.

When we got home from the beach, we just let her sleep in her clothes.  It was late- like 1:30 a.m., so it wasn’t worth changing clothes. When she woke up, we played on mommy’s big bed (because mommy needed more time laying down!)

We got ready for the day and she wore her OU dress! Boomer Sooner! 

We did end up at urgent care for us both. Thankfully they got us in quickly- but we both had ear infections. So we did some snuggling while we waited on medicine.

Because she wasn’t feeling great, she got to eat a popsicle after dinner. 

She felt much better Sunday and looked SO cute in her outfit. I’m sad that the weather is changing and these are the last wears on our favorite summer clothes.

After naps, I got a couple crackers for us both to snack on. Home girl took mine RIGHT out of my hand. Guess momma didn’t need a snack, huh?

She was a little fussy at bedtime- her temp went up a little and I knew she didn’t feel good. But man, playing her fave rap music makes her clap, even when she’s sick.

I laughed at this one- she was mad at me because I wouldn’t let her eat the dead bugs in the window track. Eye roll.  I cleaned them later that evening. 

Daycare put her hair up in pigtails, and she looked like a troll when I took it down!

She wore camo in honor of Daddy hunting for the first time.

I gave her pigtails on Friday morning. Not amazing placement, but it works. ha! She looks like she has antennae- which is appropriate since I call her Bug. 

She got to enjoy a cookie at school for Connor’s birthday. She was a fan!

Those were the week’s highlights. One more week until a birthday party!

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