Week 6 Highlights

Week 6 Highlights

Another fun week together. The older she gets, the easier and better things are. 

We broke out the Ergo. It took a little figuring out, but we are loving baby wearing. She sleeps like a champ during our walks and I can walk and walk the dogs since there’s no stroller! 

On Saturday, we went downtown to the holiday market. We had a good outing there and then headed to the mall- where Remi slept while mom and I shopped. A good day. I think we are all better when we get out of the house. 

She just looked adorable and happy Saturday afternoon. Love this girl. 

We finally hooked up the baby monitor so I can feel more comfortable when she lays her in her room for naps. This was funny because I could hear her tooting over the monitor! Ha! 

Sunday we went to church for the first time. She isn’t always a calm, quiet baby so I wasn’t sure how she would do. But she did great. She slept through life group by was awake through the whole sermon. She liked the music and only got fussy at the end. We moved our seats to be by a door so I just snuck out when she whined. Then we both got a two hour Sunday nap, which was glorious. 

      We went on a date Friday night. Mom basically told us to go since her and my MIL were going out of town over the weekend. (Yes, they are friends and travel together just the two of them!)

She fell asleep and mom put her in her room, and she was still sleeping when we got home. So she spent the first part of the night in her room.  She felt so far away! 

And then she turned 6 weeks on Satursay and we kept going! Time is flying by!!

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