Week 7 Highlights

Week 7 Highlights

In case you’re wondering how long I plan on doing these weekly updates, well, probably for the first year. 🙂 I mean, I kept track of her growing in my belly every week.  Why not keep up with her growing with us?

We had a great week.  Since she’s gotten a little bigger, she’s chilled out some. I guess she’s figuring out the world/reflux is getting better/we are being more diligent in MAKING her nap (she doesn’t love to nap). But the combo of it all, she’s such a joy.

I mean, we always loved her, but it’s so much more fun to be around an easy baby. We’ve had NO nighttime fussy witching hour this week, and almost no crying unless she was dirty or hungry. Win!

On Saturday, we got fancy and went to a baby shower for our friend Brooke.  She’s been praying a long time for a baby, and we were THRILLED to celebrate Remi’s new friend Myla!  We can’t wait to meet her!

It was Remi’s first time in 0-3 clothing. I had to pin the pants….but she looked SO BIG.


She fell asleep at the end of the shower, so we drove to town and she napped at Target. FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF. I walked laps around the store (and bought more than I should have!).img_0928

She’s the happiest kid in the mornings. We love reading books and playing. She LOVES her changing table and looking at the lion on the wall. LOVE this happy girl!img_0953

We took a GREAT nap one afternoon together. Tyler got home and snapped this pic. I have a lot of pics of him and her napping, but no one is usually home when we do it. So I liked having him take this picture of us. 🙂img_0963

This was SUPER special. Mom and I were out and about and had some time, so we took Remi to meet dad. Dad transferred nursing homes, and he is THRIVING at this new place. He’s feeding himself, doing therapy, and has calmed down a lot.

He understood this was his grandbaby. It was so sweet. He patted her belly the whole time he held her. He thinks she’s a boy, but says she’s a good boy. 🙂

So special.img_0957

We put up our tree (thanks to some Grammy help so mama could work!) and this girl LOVES the lights on the tree.  I moved the swing in front of the tree so she could look and she is so happy there.


{pic is sideways…can’t fight with technology right now} We went to see Moana with my family while they were in town. I LOVE Disney and Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the music.

I put her in the Ergo and she slept through the whole movie! Win!


That was Remi’s 7th week! Another great one!


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