Week 9 Highlights 

Week 9 Highlights 

Yet another fun week together. Well, it wasn’t all fun.  It ended in Remi’s first shots, which made her sleepy, a little fussy, but extra snuggly.

I wasn’t mad about the snuggly part.

She’s getting fun to play with! Tyler was playing peekaboo behind the chair the other day and she was just smiling and flirting. It was so sweet.

While she was swinging, I gave her a baby doll.  We’ve used it for a rattle because it’s super loud, but she hadn’t held it yet. She clutched onto it and it was just precious. 

We started the week with an outfit selfie before church. She rocked a Santa shirt and a leopard bow, and I wore a dress from StitchFix. 🙂 Styling.

This season of spending every day together is coming to close.  I start work back at the end of this week. But what a treasure it’s been to spend all this time together! And it will just make our time together even more special.

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