Week and Weekend Recap!

This past week was a combo of lazy/crazy after returning from New York.  We were tired from going going going on our trip, but we had lots to do in the short week.
I started Ripped in 30 last week.  I’m only doing it a couple times a week…but so far I like it!
We got some glorious rain…and when I was coming home, the rainbow looked like it ended right at our house! My own personal pot of gold!
This weekend came quickly since we had a short week .  I had planned a lazy Friday night home alone (since Tyler was planning on racing his RC car…)  so I went to the gym Friday after work.  I did my swimming and sauna thing, but instead of getting ready for date night, I showered and put on sweats and my Newsies shirt from NYC!
“Seize the Day!”
But then it started raining…so Tyler didn’t get to race.  So he wanted to go eat.  And Red Lobster was what he wanted. (WHAT?  I’m in sweats with no makeup and wet hair!)  Oh well…off we went.  And we stuffed ourselves with all you can eat shrimp followed by fro yo.  We were full y’all!
When we came back after dinner, Mikey was so excited!
Saturday, Tyler went on a Men’s Ministry outing doing archery and shooting…so I worked at the shop with his mom for him.  After he got back, I ran some errands…and then we headed to Fayetteville!
We walked around the mall for a bit.  Tyler VOLUNTARILY went into a shoe store! He wanted to try some Vibram 5 Fingers…and I got a cute pair of tan heels with a bow! 
We ate at HuHot, then we saw STOMP at the Walton Arts Center!  It was SOOO good!  Like, please, see it when it comes to your area!  So fun and so entertaining!  The cast was incredibly talented!
Sundays are getting busy for us.  I subbed and taught 11th grade girls Sunday school, then church, lunch…then the gym.  I am teaching 6 weeks of Zumba Toning on Sundays…so we did the gym, Walmart, and came home.
Since it recently rained, we decided to burn our burn hole.  It was full of trash, boxes, and limbs. It almost got a little out of hand, but my fireman made sure it was all ok.
We are just chilling and watching The Great Food Truck Race.  The episode tonight was filmed in Fayetteville! So we are loving watching it and seeing all our favorite places in the background!
How was your weekend? Have you ever seen STOMP?


  1. The blogger event on Saturday gave away free Stomp tickets to all the bloggers. I wanted to go but we had committed to a “watch party” for the game, and Denver wasn’t going to miss it for Stomp. Glad you had fun!

  2. I haven’t watched The Great Food Truck Race episode yet but am excited to see it. i’ve never seen Stomp but know I need too! Glad you had a great weekend!!

  3. I didn’t get to see Stomp, but my daughter did. It was a field trip for school on Friday! I still have got to try HuHot. I live in Fayetteville and haven’t been yet! Every time I drive by there, I think of your blog. Ha!

  4. Thanks for coming by to comment on my blog about the Vaseline helping you lose weight! Haha! I love reading your blog, and I’ve been a secret stalker for a while. I started up with a Zumba class at work, so I’m looking forward to losing some more weight (I hope!). Enjoy your week!


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