Weekend (and Tyler’s bday) Recap: Sewing, Mowing, and a Wedding!

I realized I hadn’t recapped Tyler’s birthday celebration, so we will start with that.
The birthday boy LOVES some Buffalo Wild Wings (or B-Dub or BWW as we call it).  He got to eat from the “You are special” plate!
I made him one of my famous Dr. Pepper Chocolate Cakes.  He was so happy.  He has one slice left and he can’t bring himself to eat it because that would mean it is gone.
We didn’t have birthday candles, so I stuck a votive in the center for the birthday song. πŸ™‚
Now on to the weekend!  
Friday, I went to the gym after running some errands.  I just did some easy cardio.  I moved around from the elliptical, bike, and cross trainer…all while reading from my Nook app on my phone.  I read 90 pages of The Vow to finish it (and went cross eyed from reading on the little screen.)
After, Tyler and I grabbed some quick food and I came home while he went to the RC track.  I just rested, watched TV, and read.  
Saturday, I had big intentions for cleaning, but decided to do other stuff. I worked on the quilt topper for my best friend.  I actually got the quilting like 90% done too, but then I broke a needle and called it quits for the day.
I decided to help Tyler out by mowing the grass.  I put on my strapless tank top (because nobody likes tan lines) and got my iPod tuned the Newsies soundtrack and headed out.  Well, halfway through, I ran over a gopher hole..but I kept mowing.  Turns out, Tyler thinks I hurt the mower pretty badly.  He will take it in tomorrow.  He thinks I damaged either a belt or the engine.  So much for helping out!
Then I came in to get ready for a wedding.  I was going to wear this cute plaid dress, but it was HUGE!
So instead, I wore my purple high-low that I wore to Miss Arkansas.  It was a beautiful outdoor wedding on the patio of a gorgeous farm in Oklahoma. 
The bride was beautiful!  The groom used to be Tyler’s mechanic, so we knew them quite well.  It was a beautiful ceremony.
We left pretty soon after the wedding.  I had a headache and needed real food stat (not cupcakes from the wedding…but real food).  We had dinner and came home and crashed.  Like I was so tired that I fell asleep with my contacts in and makeup on.
Sunday was perfect.  Church (GREAT life group and service), lunch, good workout, coming home and grilling out, going for a ride in the Mustang, sitting outside watching the sunset…just perfect.  
So that was our weekend. πŸ™‚  
How was your weekend?  What kind of cake would you want for your birthday party?  I would want an Italian Creme Cake from a bakery in Hot Springs.  YUM!


  1. Dr. Pepper cake! I just saw a similar recipe while searching around for cakes this weekend. It’s a sign I should make it. BTW, I had a blog scare and it reminded me about your backup your blog post. I linked to that post from my blog today!

  2. I went to a wedding as well this weekend, in Dallas. And I got home at 3:00 am. I think that officially redeems me from being a boring Friday night girl! Ha!

    I am still swooning over your dress and leopard belt! LOVE!

    I’m not a cake eater… I’d rather have pie on my birthday. Cherry, to be exact!

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