Weekend Recap: Dogs, Snow, and Christmas Trees

Weekend Recap: Dogs, Snow, and Christmas Trees



We had a low key weekend. I’m not complaining.  While I love to be busy and do exciting things…I also love my home and the people (and fur creatures) I share it with…so being home for a lot of the weekend is nice too.


Friday night, I met a new friend for coffee after work.  It was wonderful to get to know her.  I joked that we have to sort of “date” new friends to get to know each other.

After coffee, I picked up dinner and a Redbox movie for a night in. Tyler had a LONG week at the police academy (and is getting over being sick) so we just stayed in.


Saturday morning, I got some freelance work done.  This little pup (who, btw, we’re keeping.  And we’re calling him Pippin) likes to snuggle a lot and was all up in my biz-ness while I was working.  #notcomplaining



Saturday afternoon (since Tyler woke up at 11), we did some cleaning around the house.  Good to get caught up on stuff.


Saturday night, I went to a Premier Jewelry Party at a friend’s house.  I didn’t take any pictures…but I ate some yummy food and did some shopping. 🙂  We also celebrated the Razorback win over LSU.  SO excited for that!

Sunday, it was FREEZING and started to snow, so it was the perfect time to put out our Christmas decorations.  Yes, it’s early.  No, I don’t care.  We will still be thankful and celebrate Thanksgiving to the fullest…but I get to enjoy my tree for longer. 🙂IMG_7965.JPG


I said we got some snow.  We got a good 1/3 inch.  It hit further south, so we didn’t get much in town (in fact, my car was the only snow covered car at work! ha!) but it made for a pretty snowy sunrise this morning.


So there ya have it.  Lowkey weekend full of dogs, snow, and Christmas trees.  And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

How was your weekend?


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