Weekend Full of Fun

Weekend Full of Fun

When Daddy’s away…the girls will play!

Tyler went hunting for several days with some friends, and Remi and I had a fun weekend together.

I went to the bathroom for a minute and came out to her ON the counter (she used her tower step stool to climb up) and she had opened a banana and was helping herself to a bedtime snack. ha!

I bought some pom poms at Target and she has LOVED playing with them.  I gave her an ice cub tray and she made up a little game. Love her imagination!


We spent Friday evening at the mall and rode the little animals. She’s too fun!

She made me breakfast in her kitchen one morning…

And then she hung with her grandmas while I had a little fun.  While she played with Mimi, I went to a Zumba class with my friend Brandy. We both teach dance fitness, and one the instructors of this class was a former student! It was so neat to watch him teach! He was fabulous and it’s always fun to be a student again.

Then after Remi’s nap, she went to play with Gigi and I went to a coworker’s wedding! Paige was a beautiful bride!  And my coworkers Lindsey and Becca made great wedding dates. 🙂

We had a lot of fun together but we were happy when Daddy came back home.

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