Weekend Fun

Weekend Fun

Last weekend we had the best weekend.

The weather was nice, and after Thanksgiving, we needed to move, so we met my friend Brandy at the park to walk. She was pretty content in the stroller hanging out, but after we walked a couple miles, she wanted out, so we played!

Brandy took the cutest pics of Remington!

After the park, we met Daddy for a late breakfast on his lunch break, ran some errands and came home for naptime. After naps, she couldn’t stay out of the dogs’ water bowl….but that’s a no go. So I got her a bowl of water to play in. She made a BIG mess, but it’s just water. So we enjoyed playing in it for a while.

Sunday, she wore her first Christmas outfit!  Look at that sweet reindeer dress!

She plays with everything. She climbed right on the turtle on the front porch for a ride.

And she spotted the horses across the street….

Which she moos at. ha!  Close enough.  When we moo, we cover our mouth to make the moo sound, so this is her “moo” move. ha!

During Sunday naptime, I put up our tree!  It was harder to decorate since I couldn’t get right next to it, but it’s still fun!

Good thing I put it in the playpen. As soon as she woke up from her nap, she reached for it.

As we played around the house, she found my hair brush and brushed her hair! So smart!

We had so much fun together this weekend!

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