Weekend getaway

Weekend getaway

Several months ago, Tyler suggested that we schedule a weekend getaway. We weren’t going too far away -we just wanted to stay in a cabin about an hour away. He suggested a fall getaway to see the leaves changing, relax, and we joked, to celebrate our first year of parenthood.

I am SO thankful he wants to spend time together and invests in us.

We had a GREAT weekend.

We started with a half day off work (just the way schedules fell), so we headed to NWA to eat lunch (sushi, of course….it’s the only place we eat in NWA) and did some shopping.  On our way back down the mountain, we stopped for dessert at Kream. They serve ice cream, and notably, donut ice cream sandwiches. (Let’s just say the low carb diet was OUT THE WINDOW)

We settled into our cabin and watched some movies. We love this place. It’s quaint and cozy and they have movies you can borrow. Some are OLD classics (like on VHS) and some are newer. We fell asleep watching a movie and hit the hay.

The sunrise was cloudy, but still beautiful off the back porch. (Yes, even though we were baby free, we were awake at sunrise)


We had a DELICIOUS breakfast that the hosts prepared, and then loaded up the boat and hit Lake Fort Smith.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL. Like 70s and sunny and breezy. We spent all day on the boat because it was perfect.


The fall colors had hit the lake, and it was so beautiful. IMG_3543

This tiny thing was the only fish Tyler caught! But he enjoyed exploring the lake. I did some fishing, some reading and some napping (yes, the back bench on the lake is perfect for sleeping)


One spot had a lot of bird activity.


He said despite my bad fishing luck, I was a good fishing partner. 🙂


On our way back to the cabin, we stopped at Artist’s Point.  The gift shop was closed, but the view was lovely. img_0860.jpg

That evening, we got pizza at the cabin, watched movies and played games. It ended up storming that evening and a limb fell on our truck. But thankfully, we still got plenty of rest and the truck was just a little dinged up.

We had another great breakfast, but the weather wasn’t awesome, so we decided to skip hiking and head home.

We stopped by Artist’s Point one more time, since the gift shop was open. We saw a groundhog out back!

We loved our weekend getaway. We will likely make this a fall tradition. It’s not expensive and it doesn’t require a lot of planning – it’s perfect.

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