Weekend in the Boston Mountains: Part 2

Weekend in the Boston Mountains: Part 2

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We were up pretty late at the baseball game Friday night, so we crashed back at the cabin.  We planned on sleeping in until breakfast, but God stirred us both awake at 6 a.m. (this is not unusual for me, but it’s VERY unusual for my sleep-loving husband).  So we emerged from the bedroom and saw THIS BEAUTIFUL sunrise.  We sat on the porch and watched it come up.
We ate a delicious breakfast at the lodge (breakfast tacos, coffee cake, hasbrowns, fruit…they prepared a feast!), and then we headed to Lake Fort Smith.
At the marina, you can rent kayaks and tandem kayaks.  We got a tandem for 4 hours for like $20 (a steal!) and off we went.
The lake was so still and quiet and peaceful.  It was awesome.  The cool water gave us a little breeze too.
Tyler was a great coach and taught me to kayak really quickly. It was fun!
We were able to squeeze in past the trees in the water and explore some coves.  We may have had to miss the Grand Canyon on our Vegas trip, but we got to see what looked like the grand canyon of Lake Fort Smith.
We docked on a sand bar and got out to stretch out legs…and then boated back to the marina.  On our way, we slowly paddled through some shallow waters (in the shade!) and tried to spot some fish.
We had a picnic lunch back at the cabin, and then we got Cool Runnings from the lodge (on VHS, holla!).  It’s one of Tyler’s favorite movies from his childhood, but I had never seen the whole thing…so he was excited to share it with me.  It was a fun movie!
After the movie, we headed to Bentonville for the Walton 5-10 museum…aka the Wal-Mart museum.
It had some interesting history of the Walton family, and my favorite display was of items returned to Wal-Mart stores and why. One funny item was an outdoor thermometer that the customer said “It never told the correct time!” ha!
We also grabbed a sweet treat in the Spark Cafe there.  This tiny ice cream cone hit the spot.
We walked around the square, I did some shopping, and then we ate MORE sushi for dinner.
Another great day in the Boston mountains!


  1. What a beautiful sunrise!!! And such a pretty place to kayak!

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