Weekend in Hot Springs

Weekend in Hot Springs

We jetted down to Hot Springs for a little overnight trip to see family.

We started at Uncle Neil’s house, where a certain someone was the center of attention.

She loves playing at Uncle Neil’s. It’s just the right size for her to explore and not get out of our sight.

After his house, we went out for dinner at a nice little Italian place. Remi LOVED the bread and herb oil. My adventurous eater.

We spent the night at a hotel and Remi (thankfully) slept great.  She enjoyed playing around our room.

After breakfast, we headed downtown to explore the Arlington. I loved going as a kid. We went often for brunch and I explored so much of this old hotel while my family ate brunch.

Remi loved the marble staircase!

And the big Christmas tree was so festive!

One of my favorite things as a kid was trying to count the pieces of candy on the giant gingerbread house. I was glad to share that with Remington.

When we checked out of the hotel, this crazy girl climbed right on up on the luggage cart, so she got to ride downstairs.

Then we went to Nene and Carl’s for a Christmas party. Carl hired a singing quartet- and Remi was enthralled with the singers.

We headed home a little later, but this girl was a trooper all weekend long. Naps and meals at off times, but she stayed happy and good all weekend!

Thankful we can travel and visit family easily!

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