Weekend in New Orleans: Part 2

We were up not-so-early on Saturday.  But that was fine by me.  See….I usually suffer from FOMO.  What is FOMO?  Fear of Missing Out.  I wake up early on vacation with the urge to get up because there is something to do! There is something to see.  Something we are missing because we are here.  I rush through meals trying to get to the next thing.  But me and God have been having talks about my FOMO….and it was gone.  I had decided that wherever we were was the best place on the planet.  If that was in the hotel room eating pizza….so be it.  If that was sleeping in…great.
So we got up and had our “breakfast” by eating lunch at Mulate’s. 
 Mulate’s is one of my favorite spots in New Orleans.  I first went there when I was in 10th grade on a school trip.  It was sooo good then.  For dinner, it is usually packed, but you can get the same menu and not have to wait for lunch (but really, the dinner atmosphere is fun with the band…but we just wanted the food).
I had the Catfish Cecelia (which was stuffed with crab stuffing and blackened) and Tyler had the Catfish Mulate’s (blackened and topped with crawfish etoufee) and we both had sides of jambalaya. 
Y’all.  This meal was out of this world.  Everything was delish.  The veggies had a cajun seasoning on them, the twice baked potato was awesome…and the fish was to die for.  YUM!
We walked around NoLa after lunch.  We walked through the Riverwalk (which they are turning into an outlet mall…so lots of stores were closed), and then we went to the Aquarium of the Americas. 
SO much fun!

They had great exhibits!  An awesome stingray tank…
Seahorses (my favorites!)
And penguins!  We watched the penguin feeding which was so neat.
We had some beignets from Cafe Du Monde for a snack.  YUM!  Tyler wasn’t thrilled that I was taking his picture, but he loved the beignets.  He didn’t love the Cafe Au Lait (but I do!). 
For dinner that evening, we ate at Deanie’s.  The original location is in Metairie, but they put one down in the French Quarter.  It was AWESOME.  We started with broiled crawfish tails and honestly I filled up on those.
When they brought out our food, I only had like 10 bites before I was totally stuffed.  But it was AMAZING.  We took it to go (and had it for breakfast the next day!).
I had their crawfish sampler (fried tails, etoufee, crawfish dressing balls, and crawfish au gratin).  Everything was so good.  I’m dreaming of the au gratin still.
Tyler had the seafood platter (half size…I would hate to see the full!) and it had fried shrimp, catfish, oysters, crawfish dressing balls, and a softshell crab.  
He wasn’t a fan of the softshell crab…but everything else was great.

We went to Bourbon Street after dinner.  We aren’t big party people…but you have to go.  It was NUTS!  Lots of bars, half naked women hanging out in strip club doorways, live music, and more.  We walked down a few blocks, took a shot (we HAD to….it was Bourbon Street!), and then we left.  It just wasn’t much of our scene. (we had to take our picture in a parking garage because everything on Bourbon Street was too inappropriate. ha!)
On the way out, we did come across the start of carnival parade!  A Marine band and some ceremonial fun.  They threw beads and coins from the balcony and it was neat.
We came back to the hotel and crashed.  Fun day.


  1. FUN! I love me some cajun food. You are so right, there aren’t many places on Bourbon to take a picture and not get SOMETHING inappropriate going on in the background ;)!

  2. my dad took us to New Orleans on the way home from our last big family vaca – i was 17 ish, so Carah and Brooke were like 15 and 13 years old..he took us all down Bourbon Street and we were horrified!!! LOL!! it was so wild!!
    those beignets (did i spell that right?) look ahmazing!!!

  3. I’ve been to NOLA several times. We got engaged and actually had Deanies for lunch the day we got engaged in Jackson square. Love the city but we stay away from Bourbon St. The flame broiled oysters are amazing too!

    • How fun! I didn’t know you were engaged there! We heard about the oysters (and saw them being grilled at a couple places through the window) but we were only adventurous to try them fried. Maybe next time!

  4. Okay, I would wrestle Tyler for those beignets!!! And I would prolly win because I am freakishly strong when it comes to anything covered in that much powdered sugar! So glad y’all got to go there and enjoy them! I have such fond memories!

    We lived in Baton Rouge when I was younger and always headed to Nola for Mardi Gras. We would stay in a hotel on Bourbon St. and when things got WILD, my parents would make us shut the door to the balcony and close the curtains! Ha! My mom always said she never knew stuff like that went on in America! LOL

    Looks like y’all had a blast! I’ll have to remember the restaurant Mulate’s! Never been there but it sounds just like the kind of spot we would enjoy!

    • I kept telling him we needed two orders….but we were in between meals and he said no. I wish I could have eaten my own plate full. Half was barely enough! 🙂

      CRAZY about Bourbon as a child. Your poor momma shutting you out from the world! ha!

  5. Great pictures Brittney! Hope you’ll stop by my blog and check out the Easter link hop coming on the 28th! It’s a link party to showcase your Easter Baskets!

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