The Weekend in Review

So Saturday, I got to go to a sweet college friend’s wedding. That meant I got to see TONS of friends! Including, Alden (the bestie)…

And Karlee (my college roommate for two years!). She was a bridesmaid for me and for Audreyanna (the bride of the day!). This was Audreyanna and Jack (doesn’t she look BEAUTIFUL?) as we sang the Tri Chi Wedding song to her! So many Tri Chi friends!
And Karlee caught the bouquet! Woot woot! Sunday, mom came up and we saw Young Frankenstein and shopped Monday morning before she left.

Last night, we decided to exchange our gifts to one another since we won’t be here Christmas Eve or Christmas as we will be with our families. I had already gotten my boots from Tyler, and this box was a bottle of Coach Poppy perfume! I had smelled it one day in a magazine, and Tyler remembered that I liked it and ordered some in for me! πŸ™‚
And Ty got some fun gifts! He got two metal motorcycle signs, a watch that has a roulette wheel for a face, and a trimmer.

More than anything, we are happy and blessed to have each other for Christmas. This was our first married Christmas…and I love that we just randomly decided to have it early! πŸ™‚


  1. We already had our first married Christmas too and it was so much fun!

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