Weekend on the Farm

This weekend, we went to Oklahoma to Ty’s grandpa’s farm. My parents came this time to play! It was so fun to let them see this side of me! I am quite a diva/semi-city girl…so it is different for me to get out there on the farm.

Grandpa took my dad for a ride in the Rhino! Not sure Daddy was loving the adventure….

Then mom was trying a dirt bike. She fell over the minute she kick started it! She was ok….and she got back on.
She didn’t ride for long, but she got the hang of it! It was just really funny because that bike is a little mini-bike, a pit bike. But it was the perfect size for mom! Hahaha…she is little.
After we played around, we all loaded up and headed up the mountain. I drove mom in the RZR, the side by side. It was so fun!
We got back and while the boys kept playing, mom and I went and played with the horses. I LOVE grandpa’s horses. They are so gentle and so sweet.
This is me, grandpa and dad…and a horse. ha!

It was a really fun day and a great time with both of my families. I love that we all come together and play together. It is such a blessing for both families to get along and really love spending time with one another. I am so thankful for that.

I am also thankful that I’m getting my sewing machine back tomorrow! Woohoo!

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