Weekend Part 1

So we were supposed to be working a booth at a local balloon fest. It was going to be a great marketing opportunity for Tyler. But when we arrived Saturday, the sky looked like this…and the wind was so fierce that these flags waved like crazy all day. So there were no balloons at balloon fest.
This also meant that the crowd was a little on the smaller side. But that didn’t stop the trick pilot from showing off mid-day. The pilot did rolls and dives and it was neat to watch.
Some of the crowd looked a little different. This group of ladies in high socks, high heels, and funky vintage skirts and dresses were walking around. We think they were there to do a photo shoot with some balloons, but there were no balloons…so they just enjoyed the festival. But they sure did look out of place.
To make up for the bad weather, Tyler got a cheesecake on a stick. It was ridiculously good. Ha!

Not long after he ate his cheesecake, it started to rain. We tried to wait it out, but it only got worse and scarier, so we packed our tent/booth and stuff up and headed home for a night full of football. We watched the Auburn game and the OU game. It was a good night

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