Weekend part 2

So Sunday, we went to church. I love Tyler’s home church, and once we move back here, it will be our church. I love the people. They are so welcoming and sweet. And their pastor is the pastor who married us. This was us before church. It was sooo nice outside after the storms passed.

I wore these new ankle boots. They were sooo comfortable and I thought they were so cute and trendy! Thanks TJ Maxx!

On the way home from church, we stopped and looked at some land that was for sale. This land was great! We really liked it. Its a little more land than we were looking for, but it is so beautiful and nice. This is from the back corner looking back toward the barn. It has a cute little red barn on the property already. We are praying about and thinking about whether this is the land for us. Before we left, Tyler got out his new gun to shoot it. He traded one of his rifles for a little gun a few weeks ago at a gun show, and he wanted to shoot it. So he took an old poster he had, drew a funny man on it and called him Zombee. Then he shot the Zombee. ha! That man of mine is so funny.

We came home and went on a fun sushi date. We sat at the sushi bar, which we’ve never done. And we were in for a treat! The chef made us a special crab salad appetizer, and then let us sample some fun stuff like raw white tuna. I even tried it! It was a little strange, but not as bad as I thought. It was a fun weekend with my wonderful husband. I am thankful for these fun memories.

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