Weekend Recap: Prep and Party!

Weekend Recap: Prep and Party!



I gotta be a little honest…Tyler working nights stinks.  Because he didn’t really get off work until 7 a.m. on Saturday…and then slept the day away.  So we didn’t have much time for a weekend.


I’m SO glad he’s on a better shift for the next month!


We did take advantage of the little time we had. Friday when I got home from work, we went to his hunting spot to put a battery in the automatic deer feeder.  I worked hard held the flashlight.


When we got home, we ate  a quick meal together…then Tyler was off to work.  I try to make the most of the evenings without him by watching stuff he would hate. ha!  So Friday’s fun was a documentary about the 2003-2004 Broadway season. This included two of my faves – Wicked and Avenue Q. Loved it!



The rest of the time Friday evening and Saturday was spent prepping for our Christmas party.  I serve lunch and everyone brings cookies.  We don’t do games or gift exchanges…it’s just a time to fill our home with friends.  I love it.  It’s totally worth the cooking and cleaning…and to be honest, I wish we did it more than once a year.


Once Tyler got up Saturday afternoon, we ran some errands and had dinner together.  We didn’t feel like getting fancy and going all the way to town…so we just had Mexican here in our little hometown.  It’s not “special” but it’s good.  And I mean, salsa and queso are the way to my heart!  So Tyler won that date night! ha!


We came home and watched TV…and I slept on the couch while Tyler did some repairs. Sneaky took this pic of me and texted it to me while I was sleeping! ha!



Sunday, I served in the nursery and then booked it home to get everything put out for our Christmas party.  We had a great turnout of lots of friends.  I always forget to take pictures…but I managed to snap a few…


I felt so blessed to have a home full of laughter and love.  So special.


So that was our weekend!  Next weekend, with Tyler back to a more regular schedule we have LOTS of fun plans.  I’m excited!  How was your weekend?



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