Weekend Recap: 4th of July!

Weekend Recap: 4th of July!

I love the 4th of July.  Even without a ton of plans, it’s a fun weekend. Time off work, fireworks, family…what more could you want?

We had a lowkey Friday evening with dinner at home. We had been going going going all last week, so we took Friday night at home.  We spent some time watching the hummingbirds.  They are busy this time of year- drinking two whole feeders in just 2-3 days this weekend!

We also had a bunch of baby furniture to work on since we picked up the dresser and crib on Thursday.  Saturday and Sunday we got the bookshelf and dresser assembled! Hoping to do the crib this week!

Saturday when I was home, Mikey made a MESS.  He loves to paw his food out of his bowl…and I came into the kitchen and saw this mess. Crazy dog!

I did some extra cleaning around the house- working on cleaning the carpets. It felt good to be productive!

I did have some downtime with naps and Shark Week, as well.

Sunday, me and the boys went over to mom’s for breakfast. It was Caitlyn’s birthday, and we spent the day together.

The dogs were TOO FUNNY on the way over. Pippin sat on Mikey!

Sunday evening we took the Sweet 16 girl out for her birthday and then came home for cake. Then we snuck to the little town up the road for fireworks!

On the 4th, I emceed our local 4th of July pageant on the square and then met the family at the lake. Before I left for my nap, we made s’mores. YUM.

Tyler worked a long day (14 hours!) but he still came with us to the square for fireworks. I love it.  They hand out glowsticks which makes it even more fun!

We came home right after the fireworks since he was so tired (and he had to get up early for work today), but we had a GREAT weekend!

How was your holiday weekend?

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