Weekend Recap: 5 of 5

Weekend Recap: 5 of 5

Back in May when Kristin, Taylor and I met up for Hanson Day weekend….we knew we wanted to all get together again soon.
Hanson had released a DVD set called “5 of 5” where they recorded 5 live concerts of them playing through their 5 studio albums.  I had this DVD set…but had never watched it!  So we all got together to spend a weekend hanging out and watching 5 of 5!
Friday, I got to Little Rock around dinner, and Taylor and Kristin had a SPREAD prepared!  So much yummy snacks and drinks.
We settled in and started watching 5 of 5.  We watched the first DVD, and then a documentary about Shout it Out, and then Tulsa, Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere…which Kristin could still quote. 🙂
Saturday, we watched another DVD during breakfast, and then Kristin left for a wedding.  Taylor took me to an AMAZING pizza/salad place called ZaZa’s.  We came home and napped (while her sweet puppy Penny kept waking me up for lovings)…
Saturday evening, we had dinner at Juanita’s…and then came home and watched the last 5 of 5 DVDs.
Sunday morning, we all had breakfast and then I headed home.
These girls and their friendship may have started around blogging and Hanson, but it’s so much more than that now.  We text/chat/call/skype a lot…and they are some of the most encouraging and funny people I know.  I had a rough situation last week, and they were the first text I wanted to send out, because I knew they would know just what to say…and they did.  I’m SO thankful that not only can we fangirl over Hanson together, but we can have deep, genuine conversations.  We had some great talks about life over the weekend….and I’m just so blessed to have them in my life.
Sunday evening, we had family over for a BBQ and fireworks.  It went DOWN at the Lee house.
Tyler’s cousins brought this redneck bottle rocket launcher you could hold.  I was nervous.
We had a little mishap with a big firework that fell over, hit our garage, richocheted around, and then caught some grass on fire. Luckily, it wasn’t a big deal.
But the fireworks were fun.
I’m ready for the week!
Do you shoot fireworks off?  I hadn’t ever done more than sparklers until I met Tyler.  It is scary and fun all at the same time!


  1. I had such a wonderful weekend with y’all too! I cannot wait to do it again in September!! I was thinking about our friendship last night and how it’s gone from being based on our love of Hanson to so much more. I am so blessed and so thankful to have your and Kristin’s friendship.

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