Weekend Recap: all fun, no photos

Before I get to my lovely weekend, I just want to throw this out there and see who else is having issues., In wordpress, I can type, but as I’m typing, I can’t see what I’m typing. (Does that make sense?) So I’m typing blind here, kiddos.
Anyway, because I can’t see what I’m typing, this will be a short post.

On Friday, we had a little date night to see The Gambler. It was slow, but interesting. I also made pizza at home. And not to brag, but I’m pretty baller at making homemade pizza. It was red pepper alfredo pizza topped with yumminess and pesto.

Then on Saturday, we slept in, I hit up Zumba (it’s beena LONG two weeks without it!), and then had lunch with the parents. Tyler and I just chilled in the afternoon, getting stuff done around the house. Then Saturday night, we went over to my parents’ house for dinner and games with my MIL Nancy. It was a fun low-key evening.

Sunday was just church, lujnch, home to nap (hallelujah!), and then I took dinner to some friends with a new baby. (again, let’s turn up the temp on the baby fever! ha!). That evening, Tyler went hunting while I put away laundry and watched TV. When we hot home, I made a delish dinner of some deer steaks and potatoes.

All in all, it was a nice, low-key weekend.

I’m looking forward to next weekend. I’m taking mom to see Garth Brooks in Tulsa on Friday! Woop! Can’t wait for that!

Anyway, tonight I’m starting my first quilt of 2015 tonight! I’m excited to get started on my goal of creating 4 quilts this year!

So how was YOUR weekend? Do you ever make pizza at home? What’s your favorite topping?


  1. sometimes I try to make pizza here…but the crust isn’t always the best, what recipe do you use? It also doesn’t help that there are limited options of cheese, mozzarella costs way too much.

    I also don’t think it’s fair that you get to go to TWO Garth Brooks concerts…just sayin.

    • Yeah, I bet getting ingredients is tough there. I usually use a premade crust for big pizzas…or I love to just use flatbreads or wraps for crusts for personal pans. That way I get my thin, crispy crust without having to make a dough.

      And yeah, I know. Two Garths. Mom couldn’t swing going to LR (too far to leave Dad all day/night…we didn’t get home until 3 a.m.) but Tulsa is much closer, and since Tyler isn’t going, he’s going to stay with Dad. We have SUPER great seats for this one (where we were in the rafters for the other one) so I’m pretty pumped about it. 🙂 I’ll take a video for you. 🙂

  2. I had to laugh as I imagined you typing a blog blind. Way to go!! Also, I want to know how you cook your deer steaks. I always request our venison ground or as sausage…never considered trying to make steak…but could be something to consider if my brother offers up another deer this year!!

    • Yeah blind blogging was no fun. We tell our butcher to make the best cuts steak (which is usually backstrap and some tenderloin) and then make the rest into ground. For the steaks, I mostly just cook them like beef steaks. I marinade them in Worcestershire sauce (spelled that right the first time, woop!), balsamic vinegar, rosemary, garlic, and pepper and then either broil or pan fry them in a little oil. Our deer isn’t very “gamey” tasting. My husband says its a combo of their acorn-rich diet (not sure what your deer are feasting on!) and that they are from shot to freezer at the butcher within an hour or so. My husband hunts in a pretty wide open area, so he doesn’t spend hours tracking them through the woods. Most of the gamey flavor, he says, comes from the lag in time from shooting to field dressed and frozen. I would ask your brother about his turnaround time and maybe at least have the backstrap kept as steaks. It’s like filet mignon of venison! So good!

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