Weekend Recap: Anniversary and Tulsa

Weekend Recap: Anniversary and Tulsa

We had a GREAT weekend!  We were still excited from our first baby appointment and looking forward to celebrating our 6th anniversary.

We went out a couple days early on Friday evening. Tyler took me to a place over in Oklahoma that had really yummy steaks.  The service wasn’t good, but the company sure was. 🙂 We had a great night together. I usually wear my wedding shoes to our anniversary dinner, but it was sprinkling (and my shoes are satin and cost as much as my dress) so I didn’t wear the shoes.

On Saturday, Tyler was working so me and my friend Brandy headed to Tulsa.

We just went to shop, eat and come home! ha!  We stopped first at my FAVORITE chocolate shop in all the land- Glacier Confections.  I bought 15 little truffles! 🙂  (don’t worry, I’m eating them slowly). They are just SO good.

We had a great Mexican food lunch at El Rio Verde, a little hole in the wall place.

Then we hit up Trader Joe’s.  I was buying stuff for us, for mom, and for a coworker. A full cart, indeed. LOTS of goodies.

Just a block or so away from Trader Joe’s was Weber’s Superior Root Beer. I had heard about their homemade root beer and wanted to try it. It was a nice day out, so the line was long, but we waited and chatted. It was SO worth it.  The root beer was tangy and sharp and delish and we also got a small burger to try (which was good, but I bet their big half pounders are better!).

When I got back, I went over to mom’s to see the family  that was in town.  My aunt and cousins brought their bulldog puppy, Stella, with them.  She was SO precious and loved chewing on my ears.

Sunday was church, which was fun because we had posted our pregnancy announcement on Facebook that morning- so lots of celebration. 🙂

After church, I stopped on the way home to pick myself some (what are these, daffodils?) flowers. They are growing in the ditch on our road, so I wasn’t picking them from anyone’s yard. I was glad to have a little Spring in the house. 🙂

After I got home, I took a nap (hey exhausted First Trimester!) and then went to the indoor bow shoot. Tyler was shooting (he’s in the red pants and black shirt below). He loves this bow shoot. It’s usually on our anniversary weekend, so I like going and supporting him (even though the concrete bleachers are not so comfy). He did win his first round but then lost the second. 

After the shoot, we grabbed some Chinese food and headed home for the evening.

Overall, a great weekend. I’m thankful.  How was your weekend?

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