Weekend Recap: Anniversary Trip to The Rock

Weekend Recap: Anniversary Trip to The Rock

 We had a WONDERFUL weekend.  We decided to wait a week or so to celebrate our anniversary so that we could do a little getaway.  Originally, we were going to go to Tulsa, but then we won the cutest couple contest at our local paper….and we won a trip to Little Rock!  So off to Little Rock we went!
My parents live an hour south of Little Rock, so we went there Friday night.  Saturday morning, we all went to the Pancake Shop for breakfast before heading out.  It is soooo good.
Me and my man.  The start of a “fat kid” weekend full of yummy food!
 Mom and Dad!  Dad was in a funny mood for sure.  He had the giggles all morning.
 Me and my momma.  Sisters?
After breakfast, we loaded up and headed to Little Rock. First stop was Rock Town Distillery.  It’s the first legal distillery in Arkansas since prohibition!  Really neat!  They make moonshine, gin, whiskey, rum, and more!
We got a deal on Groupon to tour the distillery (with a tasting at the end) so we got to see how it was all made.  This was the mash fermenting.  It was bubbling up and really active.  Neat to see.
They age some of the liquors, so we got to see the barrels, and the bottling process.
After the tour, we needed some food (alcohol on an empty tummy isn’t my fave), so we went down to the River Market area and had some Chicago style pizza at Gusano’s!  It was DELISH.
We saved some room after the pizza and went into the RiverMarket Hall for dessert.  I had a coconut ice cream pop and Tyler got a cannoli. It was his first cannoli, and he LOVED it.
After dessert, we checked into the hotel.  We won a free room and meals at the Capital Hotel, a historic, SUPER nice Arkansas hotel.  Our room was a Junior Suite (like $350 a night nice) and it was totally beautiful.  4 bolster king bed, lounge area, AWESOME bathroom with a 4 foot deep tub….beautiful marble shower….so nice!
We took a nap and then got ready for dinner.  It was FREEZING so I had to wear tights with my dress!  We had won a three course meal at Ashley’s (the restaurant in the Capital Hotel).  It is the #1 rated restaurant in Little Rock.  And it delivered.  We got to try all these fancy foods we had never had before.  Oysters, pork belly, foie gras…and there was even gold flakes on Tyler’s dessert.  It was awesome.  We loved every bite (well, except for the oysters.  Not for us!)
After dinner, we changed into more comfy clothes and went to the Looney Bin Comedy Club.  We had been once before, but the comedians this week were SO funny.  We laughed the whole time….
…which may be due to the two Lobotomy drinks we had. 🙂  Yes, they are fishbowl sized.  🙂
Sunday morning, we got up and got ready for breakfast, also at Ashley’s.  I had some AMAZING sourdough buckwheat pancakes made from local flour (ground at War Eagle Mill!), and Tyler had chocolate french toast with peanut butter-butter!  OMG.  And their local bacon and homemade sausage was to die for.
After breakfast, we got our bags packed, checked out…and went across the street to watch the duck parade at the Peabody.  We heard that Peabody has been sold and will soon be a Marriot, so the duck parade will be a thing of the past in Little Rock. 🙁  So we watched it while we still could!  I love to see the little ducks ride down the elevator, walk down the red carpet, up the steps, and dive into the fountain!  So fun!
After the duck parade, Tyler took me to the mall so I could use my Ann Taylor coupons, and then we decided to head home.  We were going to the Clinton Library, but we decided to just come on home.  Mikey was so glad to see us!  He wanted us to climb in bed and nap…so we obliged! 🙂
We napped, got up, had a little dinner, and then went back to bed!  A GREAT weekend! 🙂  Lots of amazing food, yummy drinks, and fun.  I’m so thankful to have a wonderful husband and great marriage worth celebrating!
It was a fun anniversary trip for sure!  We’ve both been to Little Rock countless times, but it was fun to be “tourists” there! Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. How fun!! We need to check out the distillery. I’m glad you guys had a fun weekend despite the yucky weather!

  2. I’m glad y’all had such a good time! We love Ashley’s and The Capital Hotel. Next time you come to town we must get together!

  3. sounds so fun!!!!

  4. Sounds like a blast! And the food… my mouth is drooling just reading about it! Ha!

    Gonna have to try the hotel in Little Rock next time we’re there! Looks beautiful!

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