Weekend Recap: Babies, Board Games, and Bumming

This was a good weekend!  Chill Friday, family reunion Saturday, and bumming around on Sunday!
Friday after work, I headed to a local boutique called Belle.  I saw a dress on their Facebook and wanted to try it on.  Well, that dress didn’t work…but this one did! 🙂  It is black and grey leopard print and super comfy!
I took this photo to send to my mom to see if I should buy it.  We like to virtually shop with each other.
Friday night we came home, had dinner (my delish cheeseburger sloppy joe sliders!), and then the highlight was assembling the Dyson!  Yup!  We got a Dyson Ball vacuum!  Thursday evening, we went to Kohl’s to get a new carpet sucker, and Tyler convinced me that we needed this.  We got a great deal!  30% off, and we earned Kohl’s cash on the purchase too.  We put it together, and then Tyler took it for a spin.  
Folks, if he is willing to use this puppy, it was worth every penny.
Nothing is sexier than a husband doing housework.
Saturday, when Tyler headed to work, I headed over into Oklahoma (about 30 mins away) for his family reunion.  I really like his family, even the extended ones.  They have been so sweet and loving to me.  I met his mom and cousins there…and kicked it with his family all day.  He was able to join us around 3 p.m….but I had fun just being with his family.
One of his cousins (I call them all cousins…I have no idea how everyone all fits together) is the family historian.  She is really into looking up the geneology.  She has records of where people are buried, who is related to whom, and has done countless hours of research.  This is her book about the Robinson-Wooten family.  The middle on the right is Tyler’s great-great-great grandpa (I think?!).
There were several generations there.  From old folks to babies.  We played with this sweet little thing, Cambrie, all day. 
Most of the time was just sitting and standing around telling stories. I love that.
The reunion was at a little community center in a small town.  It was next to the park…so all the kids played.  I love how one of the adults jumped right on with them!
Another highlight of the reunion is this board game they play.  We call it “marbles” but I have heard it called Indian Checkers, Wahoo, and it is very similiar to “Sorry”.  His family makes their own board games (mostly Uncle Tom) and they get awful rowdy playing it.  Here some of the more mature family members were getting down with this game.  I jumped in and played a couple rounds a little later in the day. So fun!
Sunday was the usual routine: church, lunch, gym to teach Zumba Toning (part of our Sunday routine until mid-October), then we came home and bummed around.  Nap, dinner, watching trashy TV.  It was glorious.
I did start a new life group (Sunday school class) at church yesterday.  It is led by the associate pastor’s wife.  He used to be the youth minister when Tyler was in youth…so Tyler really loves this family.  I’m excited to get involved and find a small group.  I really enjoyed the class yesterday. 
How was your weekend? Does your family have reunions? Mine doesn’t!  So this annual reunion with Tyler’s family is fun!


  1. Love your new dress, so stinkin’ cute! And love that your hubby is cleaning. He should share these tips with my husband.

  2. I totally understand virtual shopping 🙂 my best friend moved from Arkansas to Ohio two years ago and every time I go shopping I take pics of what I try on and send to her and she does the same! LOL!

  3. I went into that same store in Fayetteville to buy a tshirt. It was 50 bucks so I walked out without the tshirt. They did have some cute jewelry! My hubby can’t live without our dyson and we have had it for almost four years. It still sucks lots of dirt up so I am sure it still works 😉

    • Yeah I’ve been to Belle in NWA…I don’t think they are the same store. This one here is called “Belle: Fashion with Flair”…but they have some cute stuff! Come down here and we’ll go shopping! 🙂

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