Weekend Recap: Baby Showers Round 1

Weekend Recap: Baby Showers Round 1

We had a full weekend where I felt SO loved.

We started by taking the day off Friday to go to Tulsa for a breakfast with Tyler’s family.  They do this breakfast once a month, but I have never been since I work on Fridays. However, this month, they were honoring us with a baby shower…so I took the day.

We were up early to head to T-Town and got to the restaurant and were greeted by these ADORABLE cupcakes. I LOVE that they gave Tyler his own police and gun cupcake!


They set out a cute spread for us (and a birthday cupcake for 88 year old Aunt Natha Dean’s birthday!).


After breakfast and after Aunt Natha Dean had her birthday singing, we opened gifts. It was SO fun to be in a room full of these sweet people. They’ve loved Tyler all his life, but they’ve taken me right in. I get hugs and love from them each time I see them. (I also joked that I’m glad this wasn’t a wedding shower because at least after being around for 6 years of marriage I know who they are!)IMG_3199

Several of them blessed us with things just for Tyler- OU baby outfits and this adorable camo and pink onesie! He was a little excited!


These are the sweet family members who threw the shower for us (minus Marcia, who already left before we got the camera out!). Anita, Candace and Jen have always been SO sweet to me.  Anita is Nancy’s cousin, and Jen and Candace are her girls. It’s wonderful to have so many people excited to love on our sweet baby.


And I was also so glad that they love on my momma now too- they always invite her and are so kind to her.IMG_3204

Saturday, I ran around with mom a bit and then dad’s friends came into town to visit him. It was SO great to see him laugh with these guys. They are men who have been in his life for a long time and they have so many memories.

We also went up to NWA to see comedian Kevin Hart. He was off color and a bit dirty, but SO funny.

Sunday, my sweet friend Brandy threw me a shower for Zumba friends (and some family too!). It was such a sweet time.

They did a circus theme and it was adorable!IMG_3208

Brandy’s friend made this cake! It was ADORABLE and so yummy!IMG_3211

Tyler worked on Sunday but was able to come by for a few minutes since it was in town. The shower was during his normal paperwork time, so he just did his paperwork afterwards.IMG_3215

He was HILARIOUS. We played a game where the word “Aw” was off limits. So he kept trying to get people to say it when we opened gifts!


My aunt and grandma got him this onesie. It says “My Hero wears a badge. I call him Daddy”  I loved that he was there with his uniform on!IMG_3223

My cousin Caitlyn, grandma and aunt came up to the shower and it was so special.IMG_3225

I’m so thankful for Brandy, Miranda, Sheila and Mary who helped throw this shower for me! It was such a blessing!IMG_3230

How was your weekend?

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