Weekend Recap: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Weekend Recap: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

This weekend was fun. Lots of good times (and lots of couch downtime too- which is always nice).

On Friday evening, I got home and we had dinner then put up our Christmas tree.  I had planned on it being a little more leisurely, but Tyler got a call to work overtime that night- so we only had a couple 

Tyler didn’t go into work until 8:30- so after Home Alone, we watched Jingle All the Way.  Arnold Schwarzenegger Christmas classic.

I had an early night since I was home alone. It was great to rest.

On Saturday, I did the gym, ran some errands, and came home to help my friend Rachel get ready for a fancy date.  I did her hair and makeup.

Her cute hair lasted until Sunday- this was it at church!

I also got inspired to do my own hair from the blog where I got Rachel’s hairstyle from.  I rocked this cute messy ‘do on Sunday.

After church, I went to mom’s and finished a quilt for Christmas.  This one was tough.  I cut all those TINY squares (they were 2.5″ square!) and had some trouble making the blocks. I kept messing up and having to rip seams and do them over.  It was a bit daunting. I was so glad to have it finished.  This quilt actually turned out the most square (which is a good thing- means the sides are straight) and the binding turned out good, too.  I was happy with it.

I also had some quilt tags made so I can mark my quilts.  I love it!


So that’s my weekend!  How was yours? Are you still wrapping gifts?  I’m almost done wrapping them!

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