Weekend Recap: Bestie Time!

Weekend Recap: Bestie Time!

I spent the last part of last week working at home. Thanks, a lot pink eye! It was rough being stuck at home. I don’t what I’m gonna do when baby girl gets here.  Maybe I’ll enjoy being cooped up with her more than alone by myself!

While I was working, Tyler and Nancy did their own work.  I only documented this because it was NUTS.

Our golf cart has been broken down and stuck in our garage for a while. When it’s off, the brakes are locked up, so it won’t even roll.

They used the tractor to lift it and move it onto the trailer.

What a fiasco! We are hoping it’s not too expensive to fix…but I’m glad to get my spot in the garage back. We just have a little more rearranging to do. 

That evening while we were putting stuff in the barn, we spotted a rainbow! God’s promises are true!

Late Friday evening, Alden arrived! I was SO excited to spend the weekend together.

We did some baby shopping, returning duplicate things from showers and buying the rest of the stuff we needed from the registries.

We had a great lunch at Red Lobster and then decided to take a drive down to Paris for something different. There’a an Eiffel tower in the middle of town- so fancy!

We did some shopping around the square and then headed home to freshen up.

That evening, we went to hibachi (I feel like we just shopped and ate all weekend. The best kind!) and then we jammed out to Hamilton and went to the mall to hang out with Tyler while he worked (and we did some shopping, too!).

Sunday we did church and lunch together before she had to leave town and head home.

Being 5 hours away isn’t ideal, but I love that we can get together and have a great time even though we can’t see each other regularly. LOVE this girl!

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