Weekend Recap: BFF, NKOTB, and OKC

Weekend Recap: BFF, NKOTB, and OKC

Oh what a glorious weekend this was!  Friday evening, my best friend Alden came to town….and our sweet friend Haley came over too!  I made dinner, and then we went into town for ice cream (it was a fundrasier for the volleyball team….so it was a sacrifice I was willing to make! ha!).
When we came home, we decided to shoot off some fireworks!  We have a HUGE stash from the after 4th clearance the past couple years….so Tyler put on a show for us…and we played with sparklers!
Then we attempted to watch Pitch Perfect from Redbox.  But when I got home with the DVD, I noticed it was NOT Pitch Perfect…it was Passion of the Christ!  Not exactly Girl’s Night material!  So we watched New Year’s Eve (I had it on Netflix) and crashed.
Saturday, we were up early and headed to Oklahoma City!  We met Brandy and her cousin Katie for a fun weekend.  Our first stop was lunch at Toby Keith’s I Love this Bar and Grill!  The food was GREAT and our waitress sold us on a souvenier mason jar full of margarita….but it was the BIGGEST mason jar I’ve ever seen!  Oops! 🙂
Then Alden and I had a little fun with the limes! 🙂
And wouldn’t you know we ran into Toby himself? 😉
And the benches in the waiting area were truck beds…so cute!
We shopped around Bricktown and took a little nap after checking into our hotel.  Then we headed back downtown for dinner (at Texadelphia) and then the concert!
Me, Alden, Katie, and Brandy
It was SO fun to share this was my best friends! Alden and I have been bests for a while…and Brandy has become my best friend here.  I’m so thankful we all got to go together!
The concert started with Boyz II Men…who sounded AMAZING!
Then next up (who Alden was most excited about) was 98 Degrees!  Hello Nick Lachey! 🙂
Then out came New Kids on the Block.  Let me tell you…it felt like a neon fashion show at a Soccer Mom convention…but it was so fun!  The guys put one one heck of a show.  They even had a stage that raised.  So neat!
It was pertty funny…we had seats in the “nosebleed” section high up.  But during the concert, Alden actually got a nosebleed! ha!  (Sinus related…not altitude!).  When we got back, I got some sad news on my phone (that my horse Starlight was given to a new family that day)…so I spent a few minutes being sad and crying.  But thankfully, the fun concert took my mind off it for a while.
Sunday, we visited the Oklahoma City Memorial of the bombing that happened in 1995.  It was a beautiful memorial.
They have an empty chair for each person that died…along with an orchard and big “survivor’s tree”.  It was very moving.
We finished our weekend with lunch at Smashburger (I may be feeling like a busted can of biscuits after all the good food this weekend!), and some shopping at the outlet mall.
We got home around 5, and Alden decided to spend last night at my house as well.  We watched Pitch Perfect (Finally!) and laughed until it was WAY past my bedtime!
Such a fun weekend with friends!  How was your weekend?  Who was your favorite “boy band?”  I was an NSYNC girl (because I don’t classify Hanson as a dancing-in-costumes boy band).


  1. I loved n’sync!!! I loved new kids on the block too!

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