Weekend Recap: Cabo and 80 Years Old

My weekend was full of blow-your-diet fun!  Friday evening I stopped by Tyler’s shop on my way home and he talked me into staying around until he closed and going on a little date.  How could I refuse?  So we ate Mexican and then got yogurt after.  The yogurt place wasn’t busy when we got there, so we got a prime spot on the couch in front of the big screen TV.  And Undercover Boss was coming on…so we started watching.  And after we ate our froyo, we stayed plopped on the couch until the show was over!  It was funny because it was starting to get kinda busy, but we were just sitting there watching TV and chillin in Goody’s.
Saturday, I got up early to clean and get stuff done.  It was nice being productive.  Then I left to go get a massage.  Well, the spa just doesn’t have their stuff together.  They didn’t have my appointment in the books, so I didn’t get a massage.  I DID schedule another one for two weeks from now.  I hope they don’t drop the ball then.
I spent the hour shopping instead of getting a massage.  I may have bought my “goal” swimsuit for my birthday pool party at mom’s.  Then I went and picked up Cabo.  He was the cutest, sweetest puppy.  It was a bit awkward picking him up from his current owner.  But he took to me pretty quickly.  I only had him for a few hours and then we drove to Waldron to meet mom.  After mom took him for a walk and loved on him for a minute, he was comfortable with her…and off they went!  She said he is doing pretty well with them.  Her other dog, Gracie, is going to have to get used to his spunky personality.  But I think in a week or two, they will all be adjusted just fine.
As I came home Saturday evening, we got a call from Brooke and Warren that they wanted to go out to eat for Brooke’s birthday.  We couldn’t refuse some fun friend time (and some yummy sushi), so we got ready and met them.  Forgot to take pics, but the food was good, and the company was great!
Saturday evening, I got a pretty bad migraine (most likely from not drinking anything all day) so I went right to bed after dinner.  Becuase of my headache we chose to sleep in Sunday and let me rest.  I slept until 10ish, and then we got ready and headed to Oklahoma for Grandpa’s 80th birthday!!
It POURED rain on us the way there, but then it cleared up pretty well.  Tyler’s family was there (and even some extended family…aunts, uncles, cousins, etc).  There were about 50 people in and out all afternoon for the party.  We ate, talked, laughed..and then the younger cousins went down to the pond for some shooting.  We shot Uncle Dwight’s 22 rifle and Tyler’s .9mm pistol.  We threw some water bottles in the pond and shot them until they sank!  Redneck at its finest!
Heather with the 22!
 It started POURING as we were at the pond, so we all jumped into our vehicles (4wheelers, dirt bikes, side by side, and a Jeep) and zoomed back to the house.  We arrived only slightly soaked! 🙂  We warmed up by eating these AMAZING cakes!
The sheet cake was 3 layers and the ombre cake had 5 layers that were varying shades of green!  So yummy!

I didn’t get any pictures of the birthday boy, but I just love Tyler’s grandpa.  I am so glad to be a part of their family!

We got home around 8:30 and watched some TV (and I did a homemade face treatment I found on Pinterest!) then went to bed!  It was a great fattening weekend full of friends, family, and laughs!

How was your weekend?

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