Weekend Recap: Celebrity Sighting

Weekend Recap: Celebrity Sighting

What a fun weekend! One of my coworkers, Lindsey, threw a super fun murder mystery party on Friday night…and the theme was music stars! We all came in costume for the “Rock the Boat” cruise. We were Reba McEntire and Garth Brooks!

Some of my crazy coworkers- that’s Britney Spears, Willie Nelson and Kid Rock. ūüôā

And some of the best dressed! ¬†Johnny Cash, Elton John, Kenny Rogers, Kid Rock (who was our victrim), Slash, Avril Lavigne (who was the killer), Vanilla Ice, Celine Dion, and Willie. ¬†Being 7+ months pregnant, I didn’t feel “best dressed” so I stayed out of this picture. ha!

Saturday was mostly a low-key day. Some errands, some cleaning/organizing. Some carpet cleaning/nesting. The dogs love to hide from the carpet cleaner. It’s the only time they snuggle, really. ha!

I met Tyler for dinner in between his shifts. He worked a regular day, and then overtime at the mall. ¬†After dinner, I ran into Hobby Lobby where I FINALLY bought a frame for my Hamilton Playbill. ¬†I posted on IG that I never save Playbills (just not into sentimental clutter). ¬†But this show with the full original cast was so life-changing, I wanted to keep it. And now it’s hanging by my dresser.

Sunday was fun! We did church and lunch and then me, mom and Nancy hit up the water park for some floating.  They did the slides, but pregnant ladies miss all the fun. So I floated in the pool while they did slides.  It was a great way to beat the heat.

How was your weekend?

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