Weekend Recap: Christmas Fun

We had a full weekend of Christmas fun!
Saturday for lunch, Tyler’s dad came over and we had our little Christmas with him.
And Sunday, we headed to Hot Springs to do Christmas with my family.
We all piled into my uncle’s little home and had lunch and were swimming in gifts.
It was great to have everyone together.  Since mom and dad and Gram moved up here…we get together a little less because it’s tough coordinating all of us.  But we had a great time all together.
And Caitlyn finally got the quilt I had made for her!  Woohoo!  She loved it!
 Last night when I got back, I went to my Life Group’s Christmas party and we enjoyed some yummy food and playing games.  Always a good time with those ladies!
Well, three Christmas celebrations down after this weekend…here’s to work going quickly today and some fun time off for the holiday!

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