Weekend Recap: Christmas Parties!

Weekend Recap: Christmas Parties!

We had a full weekend of Christmas parties.  It’s a fun time to celebrate with friends for sure!

Friday evening was my work group party.  This was our second year to have this party and it was even more fun than last year.

I took the most fun date with me.  He wore his A Christmas Story hat.  You can’t see it because #blurrypic but the underside of the bill is Flick who got his tongue stuck to the pole! ha!

We ate a delicious meal (lesson learned…last year we had it catered and it wasn’t that great.  This year, we all brought potluck and it was GREAT.  We have some good cooks in the office.)

Then we played.  Chad brought a vintage video game console thing and we played fun games all night. 

We also karaoked.  Man did we sing. We just had like 4-5 microphones connected and kept the hits coming, passing the mics around.  It’s SO fun.  

We got home pretty late (even though we were the first ones to leave since Ty had to work….it’s AWESOME to have coworkers you want to spend time with).

Saturday was a day of party prep.  I cooked and cleaned (and took a little break to hang with dad while mom got a massage).

On Sunday after church, we had our 5th annual cookie swap Christmas party!

I set out tons of yummy food that I love cooking.  Everyone always makes a big deal about the fuss it must be to cook it all.  It really isn’t.  I choose easy make-ahead recipes and just preheat it all before the party.

These BBQ  cups were the hit of the party. SO easy. Puff pastry, storebought BBQ, and cheese baked in muffin tins.

We invite our friends and their kiddos over.  They all bring cookies to share and trade. Sweet Ian was double fisting cookies the minute he walked in the door!  

I love seeing these babies!  This was Claire and Sadie meeting for the first time!

We all spread out over the house and eat and talk.   

It’s SUCH a huge blessing to have a house full of friends and family.  I told them yesterday that growing up my parents always invited people over. If we had a BBQ and a neighbor was outside, they got an invite to come eat ribs. On holidays, some of my dad’s workers would come over and share in the day with us.  When dad built my house, I know he would have wanted it to be a place where we could open our home to others. It’s one of my favorite days of the year.

We have another Christmas party tonight with all my Wizard of Oz people from this summer. I can hardly wait!

How was your weekend?  Any fun parties?


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