Weekend Recap: Church Baby Shower

Weekend Recap: Church Baby Shower

We had another great weekend- but this one was mostly focused on baby girl. Friday night we spent some time together and then Saturday we headed to the hospital for the birth class.

I’ll be honest, it was a bit of a waste of time and SUPER traumatic (I didn’t need to see the ultra-graphic C-section video!!!)….but whatever. We did it.

Saturday evening, Tyler worked overtime and I hung out with my friend Rachel. It was great to catch up and visit.

Sunday was the big exclamation point on the weekend- my final baby shower! This was a church shower hosted by my life group and several other sweet ladies.

It was wonderful.

It was the biggest shower I’ve had simply because there were so many people invited.

They did a sweet job of keeping food diabetic friendly- in fact, there was no cake! 🙂

It was a mix of cute circus decor and sweet baby girl pink. LOVE.

The food and decor table in the back….

Rachel made such a cute wrap for the sign in podium. I ADORE that elephant fabric!

My friend Christina made a fruit baby! How cute is that?  And the animal crackers and peanuts? I died.

They also made me a punch alternative with some fruit infused water. Yum!

The veggies took on a cute flower shape…

And they used this ferris wheel to hold sliced veggies! 

This wasn’t all the hostesses (some had already left and a couple couldn’t be there) SO thankful for these ladies in my life!

The gifts were SO fun. It was hilarious to see what people gave me based on MY personality- lots of animal print, ruffles, and ADORABLE shoes.

In fact, one of my friends moms told me she wasn’t giving me anything practical. And I DIED when I saw these Michael Kors baby sneakers in the bottom of her gift bag. Y’all.  They are gold and white. And perfection.

The room kept “awe…..”ing at everything cute I pulled out.  I’m SO grateful for the practical gifts (bath stuff, diapers, pacifiers) but we got some amazing things. A handmade quilt, a handmade gorgeous stroller blanket, TONS of clothes, a sweet cross to hang in her room….so many thoughtful things.

I also had lots of helpers. Rachel took care of moving the opened gifts and trash, Amy took notes, and sweet Aubrey helped us bring gifts from the table.

I’m in awe of the community I have. Women who are already cheering me on toward motherhood. Celebrating and praying for this sweet baby. It’s such a blessing that I never want to take for granted.

I hope you had a great weekend as well!

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