Weekend Recap: Circus and Cars

Friday evening was pretty uneventful.  We just had dinner at home and watched Source Code (which was as confusing as Inception to me…couldn’t follow the details of the story because it kept jumping from alternate reality to real life…)
Saturday morning, I got up, put on a swimsuit and pretended the back porch view was the beach.  It was hot.  Like, made me sweat hot.  I only laid out for a lil over an hour, but it was nice to start getting some color on these white legs!
I cleaned house Saturday afternoon, then I got ready to go.  I decided to break out the red/coral jeggings! 🙂
Me, Tyler and Nancy headed to NWA for the evening.  We ate dinner at HuHot (we are obsessed….we eat it pretty much every time we got to Fayetteville) and then we saw Circus Oz at the Walton Arts Center!  The show was a crazy human circus (sorta Cirque du Soleil) but it was super funny and entertaining!  And the people were sooo talented!  We really enjoyed the show. (this was Tyler and I before the show in the lobby….he insisted on being the fat lady isntead of the strong man.  It just makes me look like I have naked boobs.  Oh well)…

 We got home pretty late Saturday and went straight to bed.  We got up and had a WONDERFUL Communion service at church.  I just love our pastor and the way he does things.  Instead of serving communion like the offering plate going around, he felt lead to change it up.  The deacons had trays of the bread and juice and were “stationed” all around the sanctuary.  We had a time of worship and singing and praying…and when you felt ready, you went to a station and got your communion.  You could go alone, as a family, with a friend…whatever.  It was so nice to be able to pray and focus before taking the Lord’s Supper.  And it was so great to take it as a couple.  We got our bread and juice and stood to the side and prayed together before eating and drinking.  Made it so much more meaningful.  Then we had a time of celebration and singing after!  So wonderful!  I am so thankful for Jesus’ gift of his body and blood for us!  And I am thankful for the reminder of his sacrifice through the Lord’s Supper!
Sunday after church, we had lunch at home and then headed to a new RC track over in Oklahoma for the afternoon.  This track is only 20 minutes from our house and it was so nice!  It was really shaded with trees, so it made watching much more enjoyable than sitting in the hot sun.  Tyler actually won his race and won his entry fee back!  Wooohoo! 
 We ate dinner with Tyler’s parents after the races, ran to Walmart and came home. 
It was a fun weekend!  Hope you guys had a great weekend!
What are you most looking forward to this week?  I am looking forward to heading home for Easter Saturday!


  1. I love your jeggings!

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