Weekend Recap: Cleaning Out the Bedroom

I went home to Hot Springs this weekend to clean out my childhood bedroom.  My parents are moving (more on that later) and I needed to figure out what to keep, what to sell, and what to throw out.  
We found some gems.  Like old costumes.
Reba anyone?  Yes that is a red wig, white cowboy hat, and red fringe jacket.  Yes, I have performed wearing all three of those items together.
This is a dance costume from Jr. High.  I can still wear it (HALLELUJAH!). 
We did take a tiny break and hit up TJ Maxx.  Dad found this awesome hat. 
Back at the homefront, I reconnected with my porceline painted cow collection.  You can see the ballerina, showgirl (in the back) and Elvis here.  These are for sale if you are interested. 😉
I also found my senior memory book, which had the ticket for the first time I saw Hanson.  I’m glad I kept this.
And who didn’t take best friend portraits at school?  This is me and Jessica our senior year.
It was pretty exhausting to purge through everything you’ve ever owned….but we did it.  Now, I need a weekend to recoup from the weekend!

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