Weekend Recap: Cops and Prom

Weekend Recap: Cops and Prom

I had an eventful weekend. Friday night we didn’t do much…just chilled at home.  We were both pretty tired, so we needed that.  And I needed to go to bed early since I was getting up at the crack of dawn to go ride around with Tyler.

That’s right- I went on my first official police ride along.  More on that later this week.  I learned a lot by spending the day in the passenger seat with my husband.

I left a little before his shift was over because the rest of my afternoon was spent helping two sweet girls get ready for prom!  I used to help tons of friends get ready for dances in high school and college…but I was a little rusty.  Thankfully, it all came back to me. 🙂

Greyson was from out of town, and her boyfriend Kyle is a great family friend of ours.  I was so honored to do her makeup.  She was such a sweet girl that I had heard SO much about.  She just never really wore makeup, so I had fun getting her all done up. Kyle’s mom knows I blog, so she snuck this action shot.  Thanks, Ann! 🙂

The finished product!  Didn’t she look so pretty?!

Then I headed to my MIL’s house to do SaraBeth’s hair and makeup.  I was a little nervous about the hair, but thankfully SaraBeth picked an easy-ish braided style that I was able to somewhat replicate.

Look how pretty she looked!

And her pretty hair!

Saturday evening we were home watching a movie, eating leftovers.  Our schedule these days just doesn’t allow us to be as adventurous with Tyler working on the weekends.

Sunday was church, and then I hung out a bit with dad after church so mom could go to a baby shower.  And in typical Alzheimer’s fashion, nothing went as planned or hoped….so mom had to leave early because dad was a bit confused and his “normal” was off.  Oh well.

We did some cleaning, food prep, and TV watching Sunday night. It was so nice out, I wish we had gone for a walk, but we were both pretty tired and just wanted to veg out on the couch.


So that was the weekend. 🙂


How was yours?


  1. I love what you did with the makeup and hair! I did a braided style for one of my formal events in high school, waaaay before it was cool, so I feel really hip now… five years later! The girls look beautiful and the makeup doesn’t look too heavy AT ALL, which is always such a temptation at big fancy events (but I love makeup).

    I can’t wait to read about the police ride along. I’m fascinated. Please structure like an episode of COPS, tbh.

    • You are SO ahead of the trend, girl! 🙂 Yeah, I wanted them to look like young ladies…not totally overdone. I’m glad that’s the look we got.

      The ride along post is probably coming later in the week. I need to gather my thoughts. ha! We’ve been watching tons of COPS, so I could totally make it our own COPS episode. ha!

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