Weekend Recap: Culture and Vacation Prep

Weekend Recap: Culture and Vacation Prep

This weekend was quite good.  Enough fun to not be boring, but plenty of downtime to prep for our upcoming vacation.

Let me start this recap with a funny I sent to my bestie, Alden. 

Friday evening, I hung out at home catching up on the DVR. Tyler took an overtime job- so I had some alone time.

Saturday, I slept in, did some cleaning and packing…and some relaxing.

Pippin has the relaxing part down pat.

Saturday evening, Rachel and I headed out for a night of fun.  We got all fancied up (forgot to take a picture), had dinner, and then went to the Fort Smith Symphony.

Before the music performance, there was a lecture by an author and history professor. The night was inspired by WWII, so the lecture was about the Normandy invasion.

The music was awesome.  They played the Star Spangled Banner, a beautiful modern piece inspired by the war, and a Copeland piece written during the war.  #blurrypic #noflashattheSymphony

Sunday was our usual church and lunch, and then I went home for a quick nap.  I went back up to church to help Rachel decorate for an event, and then we went over to mom and dad’s for dinner and a movie.  It was beautiful outside, so we dined on the patio.   

That was my weekend.  Lots of downtime, a little fun, and preparing for our upcoming vacation! It was great.


How was your weekend?  Have you ever been to the symphony?  It was my first time!

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