Weekend Recap: Dallas and Storms

I spent part of the weekend in Dallas with mom.  I didn’t take a single picture because we were having too much fun. I mean, mom was doing boy band dances in the car funny.  Lots of laughing.
Friday night, we stopped at the casino in Durant for dinner, and then drove on to Dallas.  We had a good night’s sleep and got up early to run.  We ran in the outlet mall next to our hotel.  We joked it was the first time we spent 40 minutes in a mall without buying anything! ha!

Saturday afternoon, we shopped, had lunch at Cowboy Chicken, and went and saw Evita the Musical.  It was great.  A bit heavier of a show with the ending, but still really good.  We did a bit more shopping after, had dinner at Twisted Root Burger, and headed home.  We got home at 11:30 pm and crashed.
Sunday, we had church and lunch, and then I took a glorious nap.  They were calling for severe weather, so our church moved the afternoon’s picnic indoors.  Tyler and I went because he wanted to play volleyball.  Thankfully the weather was ok over us, and we stayed there until 9.  Funny thing, as they were playing volleyball, some of the women went upstairs to run.  We did a mile (16 laps!).  I had to walk a bit because I was wearing Chacos instead of tennis shoes.  Not ideal for running. 

We got home and one last round of severe weather rolled through.  We got crazy wind (I’m SO thankful we have no trees at our home!) and nickel sized hail. 

I’m praying for central Arkansas, as they were hit with a huge tornado last night.  Aside from the bad weather, the weekend was pretty good. This week should be a little low key after the busy weekend. 
How was your weekend?


  1. One of my family members lost their entire house in the tornado yesterday. They were hiding in the bathroom, and literally, that was the ONLY room in the house that was shredded to pieces. I can’t believe it! The lord totally protected them. I got sent a picture of the house, and all you see is a little room standing up ( the bathroom) and then the rest of the house just torn to pieces. We are rejoicing that the Lord saved them, and prompted them to go hide in the bathroom. I’m just in awe of Gods goodness to them.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! We had a pretty busy one too. I got my weekend recap post up this morning. The tornadoes were really close to our house. Our only casualty was our driveway. So thankful! It is completely washed out. We will have to get a couple of loads of gravel. We woke up to lots of debris in our fields from all the storm damage.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. That is quite some hail you all got. My prayers are with Arkansas too. How soon I hope this tornado outbreak passes.

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