Weekend Recap: Dallas, Snow, Superbowl

Weekend Recap: Dallas, Snow, Superbowl

So Friday after work, mom and I headed to Dallas.  YES, I was just there last weekend…but we were going to see a musical there….and the dates just worked out that I would be there two weekends in a row.  So off we went…
We got to Durant around dinnertime, so we decided to stop at the casino for dinner and a little fun! ha!
This picture is terrible, but the casino is like the only thing out there, and it’s so neat at night because it changes colors.

Because it was Friday, they had a seafood buffet where mom and I ate way too many crab legs. 🙂
Then we joined the players club and played our $10 in free play at the video poker game.

Saturday, we went shopping a bit at the outlet mall (thanks J.Crew and Ann Taylor for blowing my paycheck!), had lunch at Torchy’s Tacos (which was OMG SO GOOD), and then we headed down into Dallas for the show.  We were seeing Ghost the Musical.  The show was at the Music Hall at Fair Park, which was older, but really nice.
We were supposed to see Ghost the last time we went to NYC (in fact, it was the reason we planned the trip!  It’s mom’s favorite movie and she really wanted to see the musical!), but it closed early.  So we were happy to get to see it.

The show was great (I can see why it closed early…there were a few directional choices that were not great)….and then we stopped at Whole Foods to eat a big salad for dinner before heading home.
We got home at 10:30 or so, and I went straight to bed because I was expecting to get up early and sing at church.
Well….the snow had other plans.  The winter weather started early and they cancelled church.  So, we made pancakes, chilled at home, and then made our way to my parent’s house.

I did some sewing.  I’m using jelly rolls (strips of fabric) for this quilt.  I had SO much ironing to do.

We watched the puppy bowl (which Cabo was enthralled with!), and then the Super Bowl.  The game wasn’t great, but I had my bets on the SeaHawks, so I was happy. 🙂

Bruno Mars was GREAT at halftime.  In fact, tickets today go on sale for the Tulsa concert this summer…and I REALLY want to go.  I was begging Tyler last night to get the tickets for my birthday. 🙂  We shall see.
Speaking of concerts, I’m SO torn about Wednesday.  I’m supposed to go to Tulsa to see Pentatonix with my friend Lauren.  But this winter weather has me nervous we won’t make it.  However, there are some CRAZY expensive tickets for sale on Stub Hub.  I think if by Wednesday morning, the weather hasn’t worn off, I’m going to suck it up and buy a ticket for Tyler so he can drive us in his big truck.  Guess we’ll see!
How was your weekend?


  1. I really need to visit Dallas! All of my moms family is from Texas and I’ve always want to go there, but I’ve never made it there yet. Looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. You and your mom are so cute!!! My mom and I love going to musicals too. SO fun! 🙂 This weather is crazy. Maybe this week will be our last one for all the wintry stuff. Hope you have a good week and make it to your concert!

  3. I could honestly eat my weight in crab legs. Yum-O!

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