Weekend Recap: Dallas with Mom

Weekend Recap: Dallas with Mom

On Friday after work, mom and I headed to Dallas for a girl’s weekend.  We got up bright and early Saturday to SHOP.  We are great shoppers.  And boy…were the outlet malls packed!
It was back-to-school weekends in Texas, so people were out in droves. But the sales were good!
We got 45% off at Macy’s (a 25% off promotion plus we got 20% off for signing up for the card) so we racked up.  I bought this pretty new comforter set.
We took a shopping break to eat at In-n-Out.  First time, and it was good.
We shopped until around 2, got a coffee drink to cool off (HELLO Texas heat!) and then took a little nap.
We got up, got ready, and headed downtown for dinner.  We ate at Jorge’s Tex Mex.  We decided to just eat appetizers (queso, guac, and flautas) and I got this margarita sampler!  What?!  Yes, friends…it was my choice of 5 flavors of margaritas.  I chose mango, blackberry, tamarind (in the middle), guava, and coconut.  The coconut was my fave.  Yum.
After dinner, we walked across the street to see The Book of Mormon (don’t Google it if you aren’t familiar….it’s a musical, but it’s pretty irreverent and a little dirty. 🙂  We didn’t mind. ha!)
We had a GREAT time at the show.  Mom and I laughed and laughed…and she said it was in her top 5 musicals.  I’m SO glad we saw it!
Sunday, I took mom to Ikea and Trader Joe’s where we continued to stimulate the economy. 🙂  We got home around 6, and I was BEAT and a little sick (boo summer colds)….so I rested through the VMAs.  When I would wake up and catch something, I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming on the cold meds or not (it was WEIRD).
Anyway, I’m hoping I make it through the day at work today.  I was borderline fever this morning, but not bad enough to stay home.  Let’s home I don’t rub my nose raw blowing it 1000 times today!
How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend… but what weekend isn’t great when shopping is involved? Feel better!!

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend!! And if that is your Mom in the picture – you guys look more like sisters!

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