Weekend Recap: Dancing and Date Night

Weekend Recap: Dancing and Date Night



This weekend was great.  Lots of time to connect, do some fun stuff, and also get things done.

Friday night, Tyler had to work, so once he left, my friend Rachel came over for dinner and a movie.  I made some lasagna rolls (wish I had taken pictures and notes of what I did – they were GOOD!) and we watched The Other Woman. It was SO funny.  We loved it.

I didn’t go to bed until after 1 (which is SO unlike me!).  Rachel and I talked so much that we didn’t start the movie until after 11! ha!


So, on Saturday, I slept in a bit until 8:30, and then when Tyler got home from work we hung out for a bit.  When he went to sleep, I headed out to Zumba and lunch with the family.


Saturday afternoon was great.  I took a little nap, we got up and walked the dogs, and then we went downtown for dinner.  We keep trying to go to a new restaurant in town, Bricktown Brewery, on date nights…but the wait is over an hour and #aintnobodygottimeforthat so we ended up at the Hamburger Barn. It’s an older place in town, but I had never been.  I had a yummy Greek burger with feta, olives, and onions.  While we were eating, mom texted that they weren’t using their tickets for the night, and if we wanted them we could have them.

*Side note: I HATED this for her.  The tickets were to see Vicki Lawrence (from Mama’s Family- we watched it when I grew up) and she was so excited.  But dad wasn’t having a great day (I hate you, Alzheimer’s) so they weren’t staying for the show.  We picked up the tickets from mom and got to the show right as it started.

Tyler had no idea who Vicki Lawrence was, but she was funny.  She even came out as Mama and sang a few songs, too.


The show was at the casino, and we messed around a bit after.  We didn’t gamble, but we watched a few people hit it big.



Sunday was a fun day.  We had a special Zumba combo class scheduled, so after church and lunch we went to the gym.  I taught Zumba Toning first, and then Cece taught Aqua Zumba.  We had a GREAT turnout with a full class of 40 people!




Several of my “regulars” came, but also some new people. LOVED it. And since it was all Toning, I got to wear the cool head mic and be Britney Spears for class (I don’t mic up for regular Zumba…you cue with your hands…but for Toning, you have to give verbal commands).IMG_8598.JPG


And our instructor friend Kylie came, which was fun. (and this pic shows me and Cece matching….who wore it best? ha!)IMG_8600.JPG


Sunday night, I just food prepped and hung out with Tyler.  We had dinner, watched some TV, and rested.  Great weekend!


How was your weekend?  Anything fun happen? Fill me in!



  1. I love that your dad snuck in for the picture 😉 The class was so fun – and my arms are definitely feeling it today! Glad you got to see VL (but sorry your mom didn’t get to). I loved Mama’s Family also – my ‘mema’ was just like her!

    • Yes! I love dad’s photobomb. 🙂 I’m sore too! I got up to work out this morning and had to modify some of the moves. It was funny because while we were watching her be Mama, Tyler said “She’s just like your Aunt Bobby” and he was right! Guess I have my own Mama in the family!

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