Weekend Recap: Date Night and NWA

Weekend Recap: Date Night and NWA

This weekend was SO fun. For starters, Tyler and I got a much needed date night on Friday.  This last week at the police academy was really physical and he had been worn out every night.  Friday, he got out early (like at 3:45!) so he just waited for me to finish work at 4.  Then we had an early dinner with all the senior citizens and did some shopping.  We had a very successful trip to Sam’s where we stocked up on essentials. I’m talking a trunk full.




When we got home, we “feathered our nest” as Cristi would say!  When I was under the influence of hydrocodone after my gallbladder surgery, one night I ordered custom curtains on etsy.  Somehow in a fog, I picked them out, measured the window, and purchased them.  I honestly didn’t remember that until I saw the measuring tape and the receipt!  Well, the curtains came in and (while they are more expensive than I would have bought in sound mind) I love them!  We got them hung up on Friday night.



Saturday, I woke up pretty early on my own….so I organized my closet.  I needed to get stuff I no longer wear for consignment, and I also made a pile for the church clothes closet. And there were a million empty hangers.


After the closet clean-out, Mikey and I went on a nice long walk (listening to Radiolab podcasts!) and then I got ready to go.  Mom and I headed to NWA…and thankfully we missed the game traffic.  We ate lunch at Wood Stone Craft Pizza and OMG it was SO good.


We had the lemon herb meatballs for an appetizer (and I had a local Ozark Brewery pale ale!).


And for our main meal, we had a gluten free Bloomington pizza.  It had sausage, caramelized onion sauce, gorgonzola cheese, and rosemary.  And it was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. The flavors were perfectly balanced.


After lunch, we headed down to Dickson street for a little shopping before the show.  We found a new boutique called Gatsby that had cute stuff.  And being expert shoppers, of course we found shirts and jewelry for each of us!


Then we saw Nice Work if You Can Get It at the Walton Arts Center.  It was the music of Gershwin….and I LOVED it.  The show was classic Broadway with fun characters and great singing and dancing.



Sunday, I was invited to attend Bloggers Day at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.


I had a GREAT time (I’ll tell you ALL about it on Wednesday). But getting some behind the scenes info about amazing art and spending the day with fun blogger friends was great.



So when I got home last night, we watched some DVRed shows and called it a night.  I feel happy and refreshed today.  Spending the weekend doing fun things with fun people is always a good choice.


How was your weekend?  What was the best thing you ate all weekend?


  1. I’m working on my weekend recap blog post as well! I don’t usually do “weekend recap” posts, but I felt like this last weekend needed it. That and I’m needing to get some personal thoughts out as well, so it should be interesting. I have been wanting to try the Wood Stone Craft Pizza next time I’m in Fayetteville–I’ve heard rave reviews on it. Looks like your dinner there was delicious! I’m so glad I got to finally meet you in person at Crystal Bridges yesterday, Brittney! I’d love to meet up again anytime for another blogger event or just for a fun get-together. Stay in touch!

    • It was SO good to meet you, too! Wood Stone Craft Pizza was delish…I can’t wait to go back! I always recap my weekends – it feels like the only time I get to do anything interesting! ha! Looking forward to your recap. Have a great Monday!

  2. That pizza pretty much makes me want to drive to Arkansas like…right this minute. Holy cow!! YUM! I’m impressed at your ability to clean out your closet and get rid of stuff. I am TERRIBLE at that…and my hoarders-esque closet definitely shows it. Ugh.

    • You should look at their menu online (Wood Stone Craft Pizza). You’ll be on your way this weekend to try them all. In fact, I can’t wait to go back and try another pizza. They all looked SOOOO good.

      I buy SO many clothes that I have to purge once in a while. It’s also easier now that I take my clothing to consignment. Knowing I will get some money back helps.

  3. Oh my gosh, you are just the cutest! I love shopping under the influence of medications! Haha! I’m always so surprised when stuff shows up because I can’t remember ordering it! 😉 Your “nest” looks so cozy and cute!

    That pizza looks delicious, too! YUM! Love ya girl! I’m trying to get caught up on my blog reading! Mwah!

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