Weekend Recap: Date Night, Shrek, and Guns

I had a fabulous weekend.
Friday after work, I did my civic duty and voted.  After I voted, I stopped by the CUTEST little shop called the Secret Nook.  They had jewelry, clothes, gifts, home decor…and just tons of awesome stuff!  I bought some clothes, a Christmas gift, and some awesome fake flowers made from sheet music.  I’m too lazy to get off the couch and take a picture, but you’ll have to trust me that these flowers are awesome. 🙂
We had a date night Friday evening!  We ate dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse.  And OH MY was it yummy!  We had a gift card and a coupon for a free appetizer, so we went a bit more extravagant on our meals than normal.  Tyler got this steak stuffed with crab and topped with a lobster tail.  And it was amazing. So was their bread. Can’t wait to go back!
After dinner, we did one of our favorite date night activities….Best Buy! We love walking around, playing with the gadgets, and making a wish list.  On my wish list is this awesome Hog hat!  My OU loving hubby wasn’t feeling it…
Late Friday, my mom got to our house.  Saturday, we got up, went for a walk at the park, got ready, and headed to Fayetteville.  We ate a great lunch at Damgoode Pies (pizza and salads), and then did some shopping.  We hit up RiffRaff, Savior Fare, and the Mustache.  Then we saw Shrek the musical!  It wasn’t our favorite ever, but it was good.  Aren’t we cute? 🙂
We had a beautiful drive home with the fall foliage!
We had a low-key evening Saturday.  I grilled burgers at home and mom helped me do some cleaning and organizing (thanks mom!).
Sunday, I did my first week serving in the nursery!  After a close call (I didn’t know I was on the schedule…but luckily a friend called to check and make sure I was coming), and another close call (I must have turned my alarm off without really waking up…and we overslept a whole hour!), mom joined me and we worked in the “crawler/toddler” room.  They were about 9-12 months and so sweet.  I even changed all 5 of their diapers!  I don’t have tons of baby experience…and I think that those 5 diapers were more diapers than I have ever changed before. ha!  I look forward to loving on some more sweet babies in the future!
After lunch, mom went home….and Tyler dragged took me to the Gun and Knife show in town.
There were lots of guns, knives, some pawn shop jewelry, lots of hunting gear, and more.
He bought an AR 15 gun.  It was expensive, but he got a good deal on it.  He has wanted one for a long time…so I was glad he found one he liked at a good price.  It’s a hoss of a gun.
It is so well made, that even though its a giant gun with big bullets…the recoil is minimal.  I shot it and loved it.
Sunday evening, we ate leftover burgers and Tyler helped me clean.  I’m so thankful for him!  He vacuumed the whole house so I could do some steam cleaning in the kitchen.  I did the counters, some detail work on the track of the sliding glass door, and then steamed the whole kitchen floor.  He was such a helper to vacuum for me!  
It was a great weekend! Good time with my momma, a fun date night with my man, some shopping, some cleaning, and some relaxing time.  Love that!
This week I’ll be busy trying to do some last-minute training for a 5k next Sunday.  I don’t expect to run the whole thing…but I’m going to try! I’m glad I have the house clean and laundry done so I can focus on everything else this week.
How was your weekend?  Have you ever shot a gun?  I hadn’t until I met my wonderful husband.


  1. Same with me, I hadn’t shot a gun until I met my husband either! Funny how things change.

  2. Fun weekend!!! LOVE the razorback hat!!!

  3. It does look like you had a good weekend!!! We love Longhorn. Don’t go often b/c of price but so good. They had their parmesan chicken to try at Taste of FS and it was sooooo good so now i”m itching to go sometime to actually order it! Have a great week!! 🙂

    • Oh yum! I’ll have to be on the lookout for that next time we go. How was Taste of FS? I wanted to go…but between work and Zumba didn’t have the time.

  4. Yay for voting, shopping, guns and hog hats!!! Maybe your honey will surprise you with it! Then we can be twinsies!

    And yes, I shoot guns, though I don’t enjoy it! But our gun club has a rule that shooters can’t be out there alone, so I go and supervise my hubby! *wink* When I’ve had enough, i put on earmuffs and read a book! Ha!

  5. We went to the sat 2:00 Shrek! A guy proposed before the show!!

    • We were there then, too! We were on the second row (right behind the lady that kept holding up her phone taking pictures. She almost got kicked out!). I wish I would have known we could have met in-real-life. 🙂

  6. Growing up in Northeast Arkansas, I hunted all the time. My husband, on the other hand, has NEVER shot a gun:)

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