Weekend Recap: Date, Wicked, and Jewelry

I had a great weekend.  I love being able to take time to relax and have a little fun.  It’s great when it involves lots of fun people.
Friday after work, I went to the gym for a triathlon training workout.  To recap again: the race is 6 laps swimming, 8 miles biking, and 2 miles running.  Friday, I did 8 miles biking, 1 mile running, and 5 laps.  Pretty good.
I also looked hot in my goggles and nose clip.
Following my workout, I got ready and Tyler and I had a little date night.
We got sushi downtown at Sake.  FINALLY their service has improved.  We have only been going when we get a groupon-type half price deal, because the food is good, but the service has sucked.  But on Friday, we got good food AND good service.  We may even go back and pay full price now! ha!
Then we saw Rush (the Formula 1 racing movie).  It was surprisingly great.  I knew it would be done well because Ron Howard is the director, but I really enjoyed it (despite it being a race car movie!) ha!
Saturday, mom and I were at the park at 6 am for  little walk/run…then we got ready and headed to Little Rock.
We met up with Krisin and Taylor and had lunch together at ZAZA.  So yummy, and so great to see these friends. 
Then we went to see Wicked!  It was my 4th time to see it, and I STILL get emotional during “Defying Gravity.”  I also ran into my sweet friend/Tri Chi lil sis/love Haley in the lobby!  So fun!  I’m SO blessed by this girl.  I’ve said it before…but we didn’t get to go to OBU together, but now we live in the same town and I just LOVE spending time with her (even if its in the theater lobby 3 hours from home!) ha!
We drove back in the rain Saturday evening listening to the Hog Game.  The piggies may have lost to A&M, but they put up a good fight.  I am always proud to be a Razorback!
Saturday evening when I got home, Tyler and I did some cleaning and ate dinner and watched football.  Pretty darn perfect.
Sunday, after church, I hosted a Noonday jewelry party at my house.  Noonday is jewelry that is made around the world, giving women opportunities to provide for their families.  It was fun to eat, visit, show off my home, and shop! 
It meant a lot- lots of friends came.  Friends from work, from church, Zumba, and even my sweet friend Amber from NWA.  
Once everyone left, I headed to Walmart to grocery shop, and I also stopped by Walgreens to pick up Tyler’s Halloween costume.  Any guesses? 😉
I hope you had a great weekend! We sure did!
What are you going to be for Halloween?


  1. That’s a look! How cute are you with your noseplug and goggles? (Much better in black and aqua! Pretty combo. ) Glad you had a great weekend. Glad to hear about Sake … will check it out. Hope your week is excellent.

  2. OMG! I love Wicked! It is definitely my favorite musical and bumped Les Miserables out of its #1 spot in my heart. By the way, you do look awfully cute in those goggles and the noseplugs just complete the look perfectly. 🙂
    The Grass Skirt

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